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Blick aus der Ferne auf Schloss Drachenburg und die Mittelstation der Drachenfelsbahn


The Drachenfels is a mountain of the Siebengebirge on the Rhine between Königswinter and Bad Honnef. Its striking location above the Rhine Valley and the historic ruin on the summit, it was already early developed for tourism. Even today, the numerous possibilities and excursion destinations on the mountain fascinate numerous visitors every year.

Let's follow the 1520m long route of the Drachenfelsbahn up to the summit. On the way you can discover many myths, adventures and legends!

Station valley station

The station "Here you enter historical terrain!"
No sign, but the ancient but freshly restored steam locomotive from 1927 welcomes the guest in front of the entrance. Marvel, touch - this old iron is history to touch.

Inside, the elaborately restored quarry stone wall dominates the heart of the station, the track area. From here, all other first floor parts of the valley station are visible through glass walls - from the waiting hall to the workshop. This view completes the idea of the "workshop with glass gates".

In addition, historical advertising posters form a nice contrast to the modern marketing of companies from the region. They remind of Ferdinand Mülhens, the former owner and promoter of the "Bergbahnen im Siebengebirge GmbH", which has remained in family hands until today.

Menschen betreten die Drachenfelsbahn an der Talstation

The waiting hall

The waiting hall is a museum and information point at the same time. In addition to many exhibits on the subject of the Siebengebirge, the history of the Drachenfelsbahn is brought to life here.

Film presentations and original pieces from the railroad workshop as well as relics from more than 100 years of rack railway operation inform about the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfelsbahn from then and now.

The Tourismus Siebengebirge GmbH is represented with its offices and the Tourist Info in the valley station and in its annex.

The upper floor

1925: The Drachenfels is lined with vineyards. The rack railroad passes Drachenburg Castle, the outer castle and the castle courtyard. No pictures tell this old story, but a true-to-the-original model measuring about ten by three meters. Not only children's eyes grow big here!

Additional information points with topics around the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfels show the diversity of this unique region.

The "DrachenfelsTourismus-Bahnhof" - here waiting is fun

Ausstellungsstücke und Museum in der Talstation

Drachenfelsbahn middle station

From the middle station you have access to Schloss Drachenburg and the Nibelungenhalle.

Schloss Drachenburg gGmbH

Drachenfelsstrasse 118 | 53639 Königswinter
Phone: 02223.901970 | Fax: 02223.9019778
E-Mail: mail@schloss-drachenburg.de
Internet: www.schloss-drachenburg.de

Schloss Drachenburg, built between 1882 and 1884, is the youngest of the castles and palaces on the Middle Rhine.

The interior decoration is exceptionally magnificent. After its extensive restoration, visitors can experience living culture of the late 19th century in the refurnished rooms. The large landscape park invites visitors to linger and stroll. Exhibitions on the eventful history of the castle and the restoration measures bring the history of the castle to life.

A visit to the museum on the history of nature conservation in the outer castle rounds off the visit.

Schloss Drachenburg und die Drachenfelsbahn zwischen Büschen

Nibelungenhalle and Reptile Zoo

Nibelungen Hall | Drachenfelsstraße 107 | 53639 Königswinter
Tel.: 02223.24150 | Fax: 02223.908493
E-Mail: info@nibelungenhalle.de
Internet: www.nibelungenhalle.de

If you walk from the Drachenfels down into the valley - the legend of Siegfried and the dragon still ringing in your ears and also inspired by the romantic forest path under dark trees - you may already be thinking about what may have already dwelt in these woods.In this 'dragon mood', the Nibelungen Hall awaits you with a 40-meter-long dragon cave, at the end of which a 13-meter-high stone dragon awaits.

The descendants of these dinosaurs can be seen next door in the reptile zoo, which is one of the largest private zoos of its kind in Germany with about 100 living animals. Those who prefer an art-historical approach to the saga are referred to the Nibelungen Hall, which retells Wagner's 'Ring of the Nibelungs' with large-scale murals in the domed building completed in 1913.

Nibelungenhalle auf dem Drachenfels

Mountain station Drachenfelsbahn

From the Drachenfelsplateau you have access to the Drachenfels Restaurant and the Drachenfels Ruin, or you can simply enjoy the magnificent view...Today the plateau shines in new splendor and the viewing terrace with its seating offers an unobstructed and wide view all the way to Unkel and the Rolandsbogen on the opposite slope of the Rhine. And should the weather not cooperate, visitors can enjoy the view from the glass cube and take in the Rhine landscape.

Drachenfels. Restaurant & Event Location

On the Drachenfels | 53639 Königswinter
Phone Restaurant: 02223 2969913
Events 02223 2969920
E-mail: info@der-drachenfels.de
Internet: www.der-drachenfels.de

Drachenfelsbahn Bergstation