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When does the Drachenfelsbahn run?

Please refer to our current timetable for travel times.

Can I get off at the middle station and get back on later?

Yes, you can interrupt the ride in the middle station with the regular ticket.

What is the best way to get to Drachenfelsbahn?

You can arrive by train, car and other different ways. You can find a detailed description of this under Arrival.

Are the castle, the Nibelungenhalle, the restaurant, the Winzerhäuschen or the Burghof open?

For up-to-date information, please contact the operators directly:

Schloss Drachenburg
Drachenfels Restaurant
Felders am Winzerhäuschen

Is transportation with a wheelchair possible?

Transportation with a manual wheelchair is possible. Wheelchairs with electric drive can be exchanged with foldable wheelchairs in the valley station. Alternatives and more information can be found under accessibility.

Can I take a stroller with me?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a stroller. However, bicycle trailers are not allowed.

Can dogs also ride the Drachenfelsbahn?

We are also happy to transport your dog.

Can I ride for free on my birthday?

On the day of your birthday, you can use the train free of charge. We ask that you present proof of your birthday (ID card).

What should be considered for group travel?

Please register group tours with us in advance, but ticket reservations are not possible.

Can I ride the Drachenfelsbahn with my Deutschlandticket?

Unfortunately, the 48 € / Germany ticket is not valid with us. Please purchase a ticket at the ticket office of the valley station, online or at our ticket machines.

Your question not answered?

We will be happy to help you personally with your concerns. Feel free to contact us by mail info@drachenfelsbahn.de or by phone +49 (0) 22 23 9 20 90