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The Locomobile

Come and enjoy the highlight for young and old.

On a tour of approximately 20 minutes, our locomobile with its 54 upholstered and roofed seats will take you from the valley station of the Siebengebirgsbahn to the city of Königswinter.

Whether to the railway station, to the waterfront promenade or to your hotel – the locomobile will take you there for just EUR 3.50.

For information on special tours, please call +49 (0)2223 92090.



The Drachenfelsbahn offers an AUDIO-GUIDED TRAIN TOUR, in cooperation with author and producer Lars Janzen. Corresponding to the respective track section you will hear thrilling and interesting stories on the Drachenfelsbahn, the Drachenfels rock and its attractions. You can listen to an audio sample by clicking on the country flag. The audio-guided tour can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the country flag: 


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The Nature Tour

The nature of the Siebengebirge is truly unique. To acquaint you with both, the experience of the cog railway and the experience of the nature in the Siebengebirge, several trees along the railway line have been labelled with info boards. They have been selected as typical examples of the Siebengebirge and are described in great detail. Look forward to learning about locust, wild service, wild cherry and various other trees along the railway line.