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 The “Drachenfels Tourismus Bahnhof” – more than just an aged train

The Railway Station “You are entering historic ground!”

It’s not a sign but the old, newly restored steam locomotive manufactured in 1927 which greets the visitors in front of the entrance. Marvel at it, feel it – this old iron is history to touch.

Indoors, the track area – the heart of the station – is dominated by the elaborately restored quarry stone wall. From here, all ground floor sections of the valley station – from the station concourse to the workshop – are visible through glass partitions.

With this open view, architect Michael C. Deisenroth’s vision of a “workshop with glass gates” has come true.

In addition, historic advertising placards contrast pleasantly with modern marketing activities of local companies. They remind of Ferdinand Mülhens, the former owner and benefactor of the “Bergbahnen im Siebengebirge AG” which is still in the hands of the family today.

The Station Concourse

The station concourse is both, museum and info point. In addition to presenting many exhibits on the “Seven Hills”, it makes the history of the Drachenfelsbahn come alive.

Motion pictures, original items from the store of the railway workshop and remnants from over 100 years’ service of the cog railway tell of the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfelsbahn then and now.

The offices, accommodation services and tourist information of the Tourismus Siebengebirge GmbH (Tourism Seven Hills Ltd.) are located in the station concourse and its extension. Here, the visitor will also find a small bistro.

The Upper Floor

1925: The Drachenfels is lined with vineyards. The cog railway passes the Drachenburg (the Dragon’s Castle), the castle bailey and the castle courtyard.

It’s not a picture telling of this old story, but an authentic model with a size of about ten to three metres which makes not only the children’s eyes sparkle.

Info points on a variety of interesting topics relating to the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfels demonstrate the diversity of this unique region.

The “Drachenfels Tourismus-Bahnhof” – here, waiting is fun.